Richard Batchelor

Change Management & Strategic Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Richard Batchelor?

With over 10 years of experience managing people, places and processes through change, Richard has a wealth of experience, knowledge and ability to optimise your best route for transforming your business.

With qualifications in change and project management as well as human resources and change management professional recognition, you get added value from working with someone who knows all the right things to say and do to from the moment of engagement. You get 100% commitment from the start and it doesn't stop until the clients needs are met.

Why you should use Change Management

I have been asked a number of times to describe what a business gets from using a change management professional. Often they see the role of a project manager as the person to deliver everything ... But what they deliver will be the product or end result determined within the project scope. How that affects everyone and how the business can take this on board in the best way is a challenge. A challenge for the change manager to accept! read more

If you would like to know the answers to specific questions then please contact me and I will respond. I will also add new questions below as they are requested.