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November 11 2012
Reporting the Organizational Culture? blog post added

September 14 2012
Assessing the Organizational Culture? blog post added

July 31 2012
What is Organizational Culture? blog post added

June 25 2012
Three pigs, goats, a wolf, a troll and the musketeers! blog post added

June 12 2012
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May 16 2012
Change in China - 10 Tips for Success blog post added

May 10 2012
What is PRINCE2? - Guest Post on Change Whisperer read it here

May 7 2012
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March 7th
Spring Forward or Fall Back - Changing Time blog post added
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February 23rd
Picturing the Change (part2) blog post added

February 14th
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February 6th
Picturing the Change (part1) blog post added

January 19th
What is a Change Enabler? blog post added

January 9th
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December 24th
Sometimes it’s Good Not to Talk about Change blog post added

December 14th
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December 11th
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December 7th
Change Management Disney Style (Part 2) blog post added

November 30th
Change Management Disney Style (Part 1) blog post added

November 10th
Change management and its precarious relationship with human resources blog post added

November 4th
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October 27th
How Change Management Affects Project Management blog post added

October 21st
Change & The Small Guy blog post added
Enterprise Toronto Small Business Forum 2011 article added

October 13th
Trust & Change blog post added

October 7th
Arts, Culture & Change blog post added

October 1st
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September 22nd
How Facebook Poorly Managed their Latest Change blog post added

September 12th
Managing Change Saboteurs or Destructors blog post added
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September 9th
Managing Change Resistors blog post added

September 6th
Managing Change Acceptors blog post added
The Range of Change Reaction model added to resources

August 29th
Managing Change Enthusiasts blog post added

August 22nd
Four Reactions to Change blog post added

August 17th
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The When of Change Management (part 2) blog post added

August 15th
The When of Change Management (part 1) blog post added

August 9th
Why you should use change management blog post added

August 3rd
Reflecting on Symphonic Change Management blog post added
Orchestral Symphonies in Change Management article added

July 26th
Catching up with Kotter blog post added

July 7th
Effective on boarding & induction for new employees article added